Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fishing YEAH!!!

A friend of mine told me of these ponds over in Filer that the fish and game stocked for kids to fish this Friday after Thanksgiving. On friday they even had guys out there with free tackle for kids to use. So we thought we'd go on saturday and see how it was. We had so much fun. And the kids caught tons o' fish. We all had a blast. It was our most productive fishing expedition ever.


The Hardy's said...

good thing you didn't have the hardy's around to lock their kid in a car and drop him in the pond! :)

Gilly Funk said...

Hey Leejean! Your blog is so cute! I kind of stalked you off of Amanda's, but I new it would be fine since you've been snooping around mine a while back.
Hey.... I don't know if Kay Parker called you yet. We are doing a little Christmas shopping party at my house on Saturday from 2-4
There will be cheap modbe deals, Kay's vinyl and cute signs and decor, scentsy, and Bumbles, those darling watches with the interchangeable bands. You can come with your husband, bring a friend or come alone. Whatever, even come if you don't want to shop. Seriously, it would be fun to see you!