Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fishing YEAH!!!

A friend of mine told me of these ponds over in Filer that the fish and game stocked for kids to fish this Friday after Thanksgiving. On friday they even had guys out there with free tackle for kids to use. So we thought we'd go on saturday and see how it was. We had so much fun. And the kids caught tons o' fish. We all had a blast. It was our most productive fishing expedition ever.

Ah.. the booty!

Each of the kids caught at least 2 fish. It was so exciting. Even Madi caught two.

Here's wesley with his two golden trout. he caught more than that but that's what we have pictures of.Madi caught a fish. But when they flopped on the ground they scared her. She loved looking at them though, as long as they weren't flopping at her. :)

Lily with her first fish. She probably caught the biggest fish, besides one of Grandma's.

Grandma coming back from the big pond. YEAH what a fisher-woman.

look at all the fish! We caught all but two. Someone gave us two. So we caught 16 total. Grandma Stanger caught three on the adult pond. Lily caught two on the adult pond with dad's help. And the rest, the kids caught on the kid pond, with only a little help from dad, mom, and grandma.

Happy Birthday Wesley!

Wesley turns 6. Wow, he's getting to be such a big boy. Sometimes I just watch him and am amazed that I am his mother. Then I just feel greatful.
This year he wanted a pirate cake. The sails' say "Captain Wesley and 1st Mate Preston" the smaller sail says, "Princess Whitney".

Wesley shares his birthday with two of his cousins Preston turning two, and Whitney turning one. Here he is standing with Preston.
And here is cute little Whitney devouring her one year old cupcake, and using it as a facial mask as well. Maybe frosting on your face really does keep you looking young, he he.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanksgiving crafts

I have a friend who loves to do crafts and has many projects. Right now she says she's trying to de-junk and wanted to finish these crafts quickly, so another friend and I went to help, very willingly, I might add. She had started these cute little scarecrows. She already had the head and bodies stuffed, the legs and arms sewn and the shirts made. So we stuffed legs and arms, sewed them on, dressed them, gave them hair, faces, and a hat. They turned out so cute. We did have to get together two different times to finish them but we did 17 of them. It was sooo much fun. Everyone should have such a friend.

She also had lots of little straw hats left and another project, lots of felt feathers and turkey parts. So she gave me the parts and my kids and I put turkeys together. My cute chilluns picked out their own feathers, colors, all parts, and then I hot glued them on.

My cute kindergartener has been learning about patterns and picked great color patterns for his.

Lily just loves pink. We each did two, so that makes 6 all together. So now we have turkeys hanging on walls, from door knobs, and anywhere else they can think of to move them to. The kids really had a fun time and it wasn't that hard.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Parable of the Pool

Just some more of my thoughts. I wanted to record this where i could find it, before I forgot it altogether. About 4 summers ago we bought an above ground swimming pool, it's 16ft. in diameter and 3.5 ft in depth. The first time in the pool Wesley fought it, and even with a life jacket on he clung to me with his arms wrapped tightly around my neck and cried. With floaties, however, he was finally able to have fun and not cling to my neck.

After days of going in the pool, Wesley got really good. Then he realized that he could touch and would walk around the pool and have fun without a life jacket or floaties on his arms. Then one day we added more water.

The next time we went out to go swimming, I knew that the water was deeper than Wesley was ready for so on the way out I convinced him to put on a life jacket. He finally decided to put it on and climbed into the pool. He quickly realized that the water was deeper than before, but the life jacket kept him from going under. However, the new situation made him a bit nervous and he clung to me for a little while. But he soon realized that he was ok with the jacket on. After a while he figured out that he could stand on his tippy-toes and tilt his head up and still touch without his jacket, and off he went to have a great time.

As I watched this process unfold I couldn't help but wonder about how our Heavenly Father feels as he watches, nudges, and helps us from beyond the veil. He has given and continues to give us all the tools and help that we need to get through the trials he knows we will face.

Just as Wesley was scared the first time in the pool, we are scared as we face a trial we know is there. We cling to what we know and hopefully to the Lord, and cry, not knowing or realizing that he has already given us what we need to succeed and have fun. When faced with a new calling or new trial we are first overwhelmed with what lays ahead. But as we strive to do it anyway, staying in the pool, little by little we realize that we do have what it takes, and then we learn that we can touch, and off we go. However in life, as in the pool, nothing stays the same. Eventually the water will rise.

I'm always amazed, humbled, and feel truely blessed when I react to a prompting, or even just in keeping the commandments, I find myself prepared for a trial that I didn't even know was there. I'm sure the Lord knowing what lays ahead of us is always trying to convince us to put this "Jacket" on. " Yes, I know you didn't need it last time, but you may need it this time". And if we listen we may feel a bit unsettled or a little overwhelmed by the new situation but then quickly realize that if we stand on our tippy-toes, and tilt out heads back we can stay above the water and continue on, and even find joy in the journey. Then there are always the times we might not listen and find ourselves drowning for an instant, before we reach up and take the before offered "jacket". Thankfully even when we don't listen Heavenly Father, like mothers at the pools edge, is always there to help and pull us up. I'm so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who prepares and helps me through my trials, the known and the unknown, in this journey of life. He even knew from the beginning that we would need a savior, and prepared the way. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ahhh the price of SWOOP

My beloved kindergartener wore through the toe is his tennis-shoes. Therefore, alas it is time to re-invest in footwear. So off we go to the store, looking for a deal. We get to the kids section and I see that all of the kids "charater' shoes are on sale. And as much as He liked the shoes with the hulk (his choice of halloween costume) he informed me that they didn't have swoop.

Now my mind instantly goes back to a few weeks ago as I was wearing my tennis-shoes and Wesley said he liked them because they had swoosh. I remember thinking that was interesting and asked a few questions to try and disern just exactly what swoop was. I wasn't sure but figured out it had to do with the toe of the shoe.

So, now standing in the store the investigation becomes more intense. "Does this shoe have swoop?" "No" "ok, does this one?" "yes." Wonderful, I have now figured out that swoop is the shape of the toe. A perfectly rounded toe to be exact. Then that I discovered that the shoes with swoop were not "character" shoes and therefore not on sale. So this time SWOOP cost me an extra $5.

My sister, Jo was with me and just laughed, "Wait until he's in highschool and has to shop at Holisters for "swoop". Well, at that time he will have to pay for his own swoop.

Life is good.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here's my cute goblins.
The Hulk, Snow White, and our cute little pegasus.
Thanks Jessica for the costumes.

Madi ran around the house saying wheeehehehe

Check out those muscles!

What a little princess!

We had a blast and got lots of candy. Which we were amazed that when offered the choice of a surprise under their pillows they traded their candy for it. The surprise ( from the halloween witch, which they knew was really daddy) turned out to be their own pack of mints and then some gum the next night. Which they were surprisingly pleased about. Yeahhhh! But we did keep their candy and are giving some back to them a little at a time. So moms happy and their happy. We sure lucked out this time.