Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ah.. the booty!

Each of the kids caught at least 2 fish. It was so exciting. Even Madi caught two.

Here's wesley with his two golden trout. he caught more than that but that's what we have pictures of.Madi caught a fish. But when they flopped on the ground they scared her. She loved looking at them though, as long as they weren't flopping at her. :)

Lily with her first fish. She probably caught the biggest fish, besides one of Grandma's.

Grandma coming back from the big pond. YEAH what a fisher-woman.

look at all the fish! We caught all but two. Someone gave us two. So we caught 16 total. Grandma Stanger caught three on the adult pond. Lily caught two on the adult pond with dad's help. And the rest, the kids caught on the kid pond, with only a little help from dad, mom, and grandma.

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