Monday, January 24, 2011

My Aunt - A great Lady.

I've just been thinking of my Aunt.  She's been struggling with cancer and has called her children home to say "good-bye".  I hope her immediate family doesn't mind me writing about her, I am taking such a liberty based on the fact that she is my aunt.

I remember the first day I met her.  She was dating my uncle.  I was pretty much his shadow whenever we visited grandma and grandpa.  They lived on a dairy and I would follow my uncle around as he did chores, feeding the cows, and milking them.  On this day my "aunt" was also with him.  They were so kind to let me, the little kid (8yr old) following them around.  They did not send me away.  We were in the milking barn when she asked me what I thought about her being my aunt.  Well of course I was excited.  I'm so greatful for these memories. 

I'll never forget the great talks we were able to have after her first bout with cancer and when I was losing my baby boy.  Her insight and spiritual perspective were such a strength to me in my time of need.  She taught me great lessons, that I'm ever so greatful for.  I love you my aunt!!  A Great Lady.

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Melanie said...

She does sound like such a neat lady...thanks for sharing. I hope you are doing okay these days. I think of you lots.