Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spiritual Paydays

I was sitting in the temple last week and had the opportunity to be sitting by the mother of a youngman going for the first time in preparation to serve a mission.  As we talked just a little about being a mother she mentioned that these times, watching your child make good choices, are paydays for mothers.  Well today I had a mother's payday, and I suspect that my mother and my husband's mother were also experiencing a great payday as we watched my husband baptize and confirm our son.  I felt so happy my body could not contain the immense joy as it spilled over my eyes.  My poor Lily, who has seen me cry too many times to count was worried at first, and told me not to cry.  I promptly let her know that these were tears of joy, as I was able to watch my young son making the choice to follow Jesus Christ, and could also feel the presence of our Angel son, Zeke, there as well.  What a GLORIOUS night.  The spirit was so strong.  I'm so greatful for the Gospel. 

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