Saturday, February 6, 2010

million dollar idea

So we met with a funeral director so that we can have everything planned ahead and not have to worry about anything at the time it happens. They'll take care of everything we've talked about. Anyway they showed us a booklet of funeral programs, with pretty pictures on the outside. The small programs that you see at funerals. Well, we were looking at them and there were a couple we kind of liked but not totally. Then I thought I'd really like one of those Greg Olsen pictures the one with Christ holding a small boys hand and walking with him. So I went to Crowley's book store to see if they have any funeral stationary with those pictures.

And here's the million dollar idea. They don't and the owner didn't know of any Greg Olsen pics. on funeral stuff. Anyway, so he's going to call the company and see if they can get it. Wow, if they don't we thought that would open up a whole new market for the Greg Olsen co. I think when people see those options in the booklet they would get picked all the time. So great idea, we couldn't believe that no one else had ever asked for them. Too bad we can't make money on the idea. LOL. oh well, someone will.


GatesGang said...

You know on my Facebook Greg Olsen is on there I am a fan of his and he posts almost every day why don't you just contact him that way. See what he says. Love ya girl. Let me know how things go. You are defiantly in my prayers.

cemarcano said...

Hmm, the other day it occured to me that this might be the only funeral that I might actually have time to purchase a decent plane ticket. Any idea as to a date for that? Not that I'd be able to afford it anyway - but just wondering.

Leejean said...

My due date is April 8th. So it could my any time around then. Depending on when I actually have him, and how long he actually lives.