Monday, January 25, 2010

I have a funny sense of Humor, I know, some might even say weird.

Ok, so we've been meeting with the cemetary and funeral home, so that everything is taken careof ahead of time and we won't have to worry about it when the time comes. So that's not the funny part. But it was when we were talking to the lady at the cemetary. She was telling us that the cost of spaces depends on where you want to be in the park. I thought ok, and then she took us out on the tour. I just had to laugh. There is a creek that runs through the cemetary park. The spaces on the "water-front property" are more expensive then the other spaces. I just think it's funny. I think when i'm dead I won't care whether i'm on water-front property or not. It's just like regular real-estate. I don't know why, it just strikes my funny bone.

We're planning on getting two spaces one for me and one for Kip and then they'll put Zeke in what they call the marker row so we won't have to purchase a seperate space for him. So we're probably going to get a big marker and have all of our names put on it now instead of later then later they'll just have to put our last date. So we were talking about it and i just blurted out. Hey Kip we can come and visit our-selves. That seems kind of funny too. oh well, maybe you're thinking my sense of humor is weird. well, maybe it is. My family always told me I was weird, in a good way though. He he.


wurtz said...

That is funny! I think I may like to have water front property while living on this earth depending on the water. Creeks, lakes, yes. Possibly a river. Ocean, probably not. To afraid of being washed away. When I'm dead I definitely don't want a burial site with a water front, for the same reason as above, I don't want to be washed away. Heehee!

Melanie said...

Leejean, you are so funny! I could hardly believe it when I was reading about the waterfront sites...funny.

I loved reading about Zeke. What a special boy, and you and Kip are obviously very special parents! Thanks for keeping us updated on this pregnancy.

Stefanie said...

well Leejean...I personally LOVE your sense of humor! I'm sorry that you have to go through this though, and wish I could do something to ease your pain. Just know that we love you--and your sense of humor will definitely get you through this hard time.