Monday, September 14, 2009

Just my opinion for what it's worth

Ok, so I'm weighing in on the Obama back to school speech and lesson plan. While I don't have a problem with the topic of his speech, striving for higher education is a worthy goal, I do have a problem with the president providing a lesson plan to schools, and I'll tell you why.

First of all I just read in the newspaper in an opinion column how the columnist thought that everyone who made a big deal out of this whole thing was a fool. It's the president of the USA and we shouldn't have a problem with him speaking to our kids. While he acknowledge that there are people who don't want their kids to hear/learn anything from this president there was nothing controversial about the speech.

Well, I beg to differ. I think that the president's initial question to kids in his lesson plan, "to write what you can do for your president" was not an oops but was a calculated question. He knows that there is a big difference in asking what one can do for their country, and asking what they can do for their president. He wanted to see what the response would be.

Have you ever heard the lesson on how to boil a frog. Well if you put a frog in boiling water it immediately jumps out. But if you put that same frog in cold water and slowly turn up the temperature he will not jump out and will end up boiled. President Obama's question, "what can you do for your president" was designed to test the temperature of the waters. For many of us it was boiling and we are jumping out. But for many it wasn't bad and they are still in the pot.

As I was watching the news one lady said, "it's not patriotic to not watch the president when he speaks." At first I started buying into that. Then as my husband and I talked I realized how sly pres. Obama is, and I tend to agree with the second lady who said, it's not right that he is getting campaign exposure to those kids who will be just able to vote in the next election.

Because, if he sets a precedent of sending lesson plans to school, which is not his job by the way, his job is to be running the government, not teaching our kids. My kids have great teachers. Anyway I digress, if he sets the precedent of sending lesson plans, maybe just the one welcome back to school the first year, or maybe a ending of school plan, and then next year a monthly plan and who knows, how about a weekly plan. He's just turning up the waters temperature. How long before he asks the same question, " what can you do for your president" and no body even bats an eye.

Well I for one say no. Please stick to running the government Mr. President and leave the lesson plans to the teachers and parents. I think that its one thing to be broadcast on every channel in the evening when parents are with their kids and can choose to watch or not watch, or at least filter what their child is seeing and hearing by letting their child know what they do or do not agree with. It's a totally different thing to start broadcasting messages to children in schools away from their parents, where the message can be taught as fact not opinion to eager children willing to soak up everything.

Hitler understood this principle and took over the schools, teaching and brainwashing the children in every aspect of their learning. He even made math story problems where children were calculating how many Jews, or sick people to get rid of. Before parent's knew what was being taught, to their kids it was fact. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that our president is a Hitler. I'm just saying that he's smart and knows how to campaign and get his propaganda out there.

I'll keep my family, my religion, my health care, and my guns someone else can keep the "change". But that's just my opinion.


Sandee said...

i agree 100%! i also believe that the speech delivered was not the original speech but one construed to make the conservatives look foolish once we began opposing. sly for sure!

Erin Hansen said...

I also agree completely. IF they want to broadcast something at school, the parents should be notified, so that if we choose, we can pull our kids out, or at least be there with them. There are too many things that Obama has done that don't sit right. The amalogy of the frog is perfect. I for one will jump out of the water no matter how many times he tries to turn up the heat!

*Bri* said...

Amen Sister! :)

GatesGang said...

Girl you are so right...if you saw my facebook there were so many comments about exactly what you are saying about "having to listen to him he's the president" well i don't have to do anything. Everything you said I COMPLETELY agree with...I haven't yet seen the speech he made. Terrible I know but Ryan and I were those parents that didn't have their kids go to school that day instead we were in Utah with his parents. He is to sly about his talking and I don't like it...Ryan (my priesthood leader) said he had a bad feeling about it and we listened. GOOD FOR YOU. proud of you. I don't like what is going to happen to our country with him there hope your food storage, etc... is ready... I had some great talks with Doug and Nancy about this topic love ya