Sunday, June 21, 2009

Girl's camp -- the reason for my absence

We made it. After months and months of planing and a couple weeks of scrambling we made it and finally were able to take off to the mountains with about 160 girls and 30 some leaders, all together we had about 190 people at camp. We had great food, and lots of fun. Sister Fowers made capri sun bags for everyone to carry their stuff in at camp. We also let them decorate thier own journals to carry every where to all the events and and write their thoughts and collect the spiritual thought glue in at each one. We did some archery and scraped amphitheather benches for service, we tied quilts for humanitarian aid. Tina and I made 7 quilts from fabric left over from material for the trek bonnets and scarfs. They turned out beautiful. I don't have pictures yet. I forgot my camera, but i plan on getting pictures from someone. We all survived the week and had some great spiritual moments and fun times. We also learned a lot so we can make next years camp better. ahhhh, It's good to be done. And now on to the next, project.

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cemarcano said...

Congrats on girls camp. I always loved camp! Our girls and deacons are surviving the record high heat this week at their respective camps. We're looking forward to seeing you all next week!