Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008 and Happy New Year 2009!

Hello Family and Friends! Wow it’s already been a year. Sometimes I can’t believe it and other times it seems like ages ago. What to say in a page that covers the lives of a family over the course of the entire year. Life is Crazy, life is good, and our year has been just that crazy good.
Sometimes there’s ups and sometimes there’s downs. Sometimes you feel like climbing and sometimes you just need a bath. Sometimes we are the big fish in the little pond,
and sometimes our shoes, and mittens feel like they’re just too big. Sometimes you feel like your going over the edge.
Sometimes you feel caught in a tight place,

and sometimes you just need a peak at what’s going on out there. Sometimes you just have to have some patience, and Sometimes… you just want to chill. Sometimes you just need a nap. Sometimes you feel like your digging for treasure, and sometimes ……………you find it! And Sometimes everything just works out. Although life can be crazy, Life is good, and we are living it. Life is an adventure. We hope that all is well with you. And that you and yours can also feel the wonderful love of our Savior. His love is always not just sometimes. Love the Stangers; Kip, Leejean, Wesley, Lily and Madi.


Ryan, Retha and Sam said...

I love those pictures! Life is good isn't it?

amanda said...

what a cute post. have a merry christmas!


Your kids are so cute! And I loved your Christmas card - thank you, you will get one next year - this year I just was not able to do it all! I am also glad to see from your card that you are a blogger. I started blogging in September. My blog is private-do you have my email so I can send you an invite to view my blog?
Melanie (Pearson) Winder

Holly said...

love you