Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The tooth fairy

So we must be the last stop on the toothfairies list. Cuz the last two times she's come to our house she's been late. My son is an early riser and has gotten up before the toothfairy has been there. Last night he decided to put his tooth on his desk instead of under his pillow. I told him that should be fine. I totalled planned on having the toothfairy come before I went to sleep, but um...forgot. My son came in to my room this morning and said, "Mom I guess you have to put your tooth under the pillow," huh? "the tooth fairy didn't come. So I put it under my pillow, maybe she'll come while I'm at school." ooooooooooooh, I said as the lights in my head finally came on.

Anyway, He went back and checked again after telling his sister that the toothfairy hadn't come. I happened to be in his sister's room, when he came running in saying, "she did come!!!" Yeah, toothfairy. She even paid him for his last tooth that he lost down the drain. I told him she must have been very busy last night. hm.... maybe she won't be so late next time. he he he.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Dreams do come true :)

So I had another ultrasound a couple weeks ago, and there was some good news. His head is now down, YEAHH!!!! I've been so worried about delivering breach. Cuz it could be harder for Zeke. It's funny though because he doesn't make any big movements so he either moved inch by inch, which is possible or ....

About a week before my scan I dreamed that he flipped head down. In my dream I could feel him moving and so I took my hands and pushed on my belly to push his head down and in my dream I felt him go fllloppp. Head down. So i'm not sure what really happened, but I think it's fun to think that my dream was really real. Now if I could just have labor in my sleep. he he!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quilting Fun for remembering Zeke

A friend of mine got a bunch of cute bacy print material from one of her friends and she invited me over to make a blanket for Zeke. We decided to make three blankets one for each of my older kids to remember Zeke by. We're going to have his name with a message. "Zeke Ellis Stanger Loves You." Emroidered on each quilt. It was so fun making them. We got two tops made yesterday, and the third started. I'm going to finish the third top and my friend is going to get the other two ready for tieing. So we'll get one more day of playing out of it.

My plan is to take the quilts with us to the hospital and after Zeke is born, hopefully while he's still alive, but if not we'll still take the pictures. One picture of him wrapped in each quilt with each of my other kids holding him. Then After he's gone they will still have that quilt and the picture to remeber him by.