Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The tooth fairy

So we must be the last stop on the toothfairies list. Cuz the last two times she's come to our house she's been late. My son is an early riser and has gotten up before the toothfairy has been there. Last night he decided to put his tooth on his desk instead of under his pillow. I told him that should be fine. I totalled planned on having the toothfairy come before I went to sleep, but um...forgot. My son came in to my room this morning and said, "Mom I guess you have to put your tooth under the pillow," huh? "the tooth fairy didn't come. So I put it under my pillow, maybe she'll come while I'm at school." ooooooooooooh, I said as the lights in my head finally came on.

Anyway, He went back and checked again after telling his sister that the toothfairy hadn't come. I happened to be in his sister's room, when he came running in saying, "she did come!!!" Yeah, toothfairy. She even paid him for his last tooth that he lost down the drain. I told him she must have been very busy last night. hm.... maybe she won't be so late next time. he he he.


The Cook Book said...

Love your blog!! Soo cute. Your kids are getting soooo big. Good luck with the delivery. I'm so happy that Zeke decided to turn. That's awesome, and so much easier on you and him!!! Much love and prayers.

Melanie said...

The last tooth that was lost at our house, it took the 3rd night for the tooth fairy to make it. So let your son know he is not alone, sometimes the tooth fairy is just so busy...or maybe she was on vacation...:)

On another note...my daughter is in Activity Days and they are teaching the girls, "I wonder when He comes again" to sing in sacrament meeting. They have asked me to accompany them. It brings back memories of our missions singing that song together!

*Bri* said...

One time my "toothfairy" was 3 days late and when she finally came there was a note in all caps that said SORRY FOR BEING LATE!..I was completely fooled!