Friday, October 17, 2008

The Great 8 Tag

Ok-i'll be tagged, but only cause i love ya Tiffanie.

8 favorite TV shows
1. Probably PBS-Curious George, cause my kids love it and I can get something done in that 1/2 hour.
2. Sid the Science Kid - it teaches investigation and asking questions about your surroundings.
3. Super Why, and Word World - they teach letters and putting words together. My kids love to point out "super-letters" as we drive around town. It's tons of fun!
4. Cyber chase - cause it teaches math in such a fun way for kids. I love MATH!
5. The Biggest Loser Hmmm... nuf said eh? :)
6. Chuck
7. Life
8. The office

8 favorite places to eat
1. My mom's
2. My mother-in-law's
3. Relief Society Enrichment Meetings (always such good food)
4. The Olive Garden
5. Johnny Carino's (my sister works theres)
6. Applebee's
7. Ling Hung (mongolian BBQ) Loooooove it!
8. Anywhere with my cute hubby as a date.

8 things I did yesterday
1. I got up..... he he....and got wesley on the bus.
2. I did lots of computer work for my church calling. (but it's done now :))
3. I folded a batch of laundry.... and got it put away.
4. I went on a "fall colors" scavenger hunt with my kids for Wesley's homework.
5. I had a Math tutor session, and worked with factoring polynomials, oooooo, so much fun I know. Actually it is for me. he he he wierd I know.
6. I cut up veggies for a stew, and I let Lily and Madi put them in the crock-pot.
7. I pushed Madi in the swing outside. Her favorite thing to do.
8. I finally got in bed and went to sleep. Ahhh heaven, I love our bed.

8 things I look forward to
1. hm.... getting comments on my blog. Now that i'm addicted. he he
2. seriously? moments that I get to play with my kids.
3. My birthday
4. My husband's birthday- 4 days later.
5. Holidays
6. Family vacations
7. My husband getting a day off. Cause he works aaaaalllllll the time. Really, just ask my family.
8. Dancing

8 things I love about Fall
1. I love fall.
2. The feeling in the air that something is about to happen.
3. The relief from really hot weather.
4. The colors
5. The mums (fall flowers)
6. Watching the kids play in the leaves
7. Playing in the leaves he he he
8. Thanksgiving. (yams with brown sugar and marshmellows, and stuffing, etc....)

8 things on my wish list
1. A separate room for all my health stuff. ie) My zone therapy stuff, massage table, my husband's inversion swing, etc...
2. To lose X amount of lbs.
3. To visit my old mission areas with my family - anaheim CA
4. Family vacations
5. hm.... I guess I have every thing else I want.
6. oh, ya some extra $$ to pay off bills.
7. And to go shopping and not have to worry about the $$$
8. a small farm with horses.

thanks Tiffanie that was Fun. More fun than I thought it would be.

I tag janet.... and any other of my sisters that reads this. But I know that janet will.


GatesGang said...

u did great. i miss u tons. i like to watch chuck and life also.

amanda said...

i love the office. and now i will have to start leaving you more comments now that i know you look forward to comments. as you can tell from my blog...i am addicted too.

Leejean said...

Thanks, guys, you are too cool.

cemarcano said...

You know you're cousins when you can almost say ditto to everything your cousin writes on her tag list. =)

Murphy's said...

I love how most of your favorite shows are kids shows! That is awesome.