Monday, January 26, 2009

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Who knew what an adrenaline rush it could be to follow the scriptures council to increase our talents. I've been trying this year to accept more opportunities that stretch me. For example I accepted an opportunity to sing a solo in our wards Christmas program. I sang O Holy Night. It was fun preparing with my friend who played the piano, but the day of the program we went to practice at the church, I almost totally froze just singing for a couple people and the kid vacuuming the floors in the chapel. I was so nervous. As we practiced and got some advice it got better. But when it got time to go I was so scared I almost started crying even before we left to go to the church. I had to have my husband give me blessing and then all went well. It was a great high afterwards, I felt like I was walking on clouds. YEAH...

But it doesn't stop there. A couple weeks ago I said yes to the lady who asked me to choreograph a dance for a highschool/ community pagent. It's entertainment between numbers a swing dance number, right up my alley, except I've never choreographed a whole number by me self for such a large event, needless to say i'm a bit nervous, our first practice is this thursday. YIKES. Wish me luck.

And last but not least friday our sunday school pres. called and asked if I'd teach Gospel Doctrine on Sunday, because he just found out he couldn't be there. I took a deep breath and remembered my resolve to stretch myself and said yes, and spent 3-4 hours sat. night preparing. So I taught my first ever gospel Doctrine class on sunday. It turned out ok. And was so fun. Once again I'm on cloud nine.

It's been very scary, nerve racking, and fun. I'm learning a lot. I'm not perfect at all those new things but at least I'm trying them. It truly is a rush, I highly recommend it, try something new today. :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily

We now have a beautiful four year old Lily. She had a fun birthday and was soooooo excited. It helped me remember the feeling as a kid of being so excited that this was MY special day. Everything that day was for me. And my sweet Lily is just the same. I couldn't help but be so proud of my Wesley as well. He was almost just as excited, running into her room to wake her up and tell her it was her birthday. He wanted to make sure that he got to hand her some of her presents to open. I love my kids. I'd put up the picture but my computer is being cranky.